Agra Tour


Agra is the most prominent destinations of the world tourism map. Agra is located 200 km south of the national capitals of New Delhi. Agra achieved fame as the capital of the mughal emperors. At that time India was known as Hindustan. So many emperors came and went and added new chapters in the wonderful history of Agra, and given three heritage monuments Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri & Red Fort .

Taj Mahal the beauty of India and the symbol of love which was built by mughal emperor Shaha Jahan in memory of his third wife Mumtaj Mhal. Taj Mahal is the part of 7 wonders of the world. These glorious buildings make this city prominent all over the world as a tourist destination place.

Another reason which make first choice among tourist to visit its weather-The monsoon though substantial in Agra, are not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other part of India. We provides stirring packages and new way to know history of India form one zone to another with our packages like Taj mahal with Rajsthan holiday, Taj Mahal with North India Travel etc.

The Taj Mahal is one of the most wonderful tourism destinations in India and is aptly considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. People all over the world desire to see the grandeur of the Taj Mahal and only a lucky few get to see this wonder in marble. The Taj Mahal signifies and glorifies human love, has withstood the test of time, and still stands in all its glory. Emperor Shahjahan has firmly put Agra on the travel and tourism map of the world.

Departure:- 7.00 am
Return:- 10.30 pm

Sikandra (Akbar`s Tomb): Akbar`s mausoleum lies here. It is a combination of Hindu, Muslim, and Persian Architecture.

Taj Mahal: The most elaborate tomb ever erected , in memory of beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1652, Emperor Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal is built of pure white Marble and is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.

Agra Fort: Built by three generations of Mughal Emperors, in around 100 years and is about 400 years old.